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AED 4.7b deals signed on Day One of Dubai Airshow 2023

  • Last update: Monday, November 13, 2023

Dubai, 13 November 2023- Tawazun Council, the independent government entity that works closely with the Ministry of Defense and security agencies to maximize value through acquisition systems, announced signing of 9 deals with local and international companies on day one of the Dubai Airshow 2023.

The announcement was made during a press conference held in the presence of Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi and Majed Ahmed Al Jaberi, the official spokespersons of Tawazun Council, for the Dubai Airshow 2023.

Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi said that 4 contracts were signed by Tawazun Council on behalf of the Ministry of Defense with local companies, totaling AED 2.7 billion, including a contract with HALCON to procure ammunitions valued at AED 2.14 billion, and two contracts with “INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN GROUP”, the first one is an AED 338 million contract to provide Technical Support for Aircrafts, and the second, for the Purchase of Engines and Parts for Aircrafts at a value of AED 13 Million.

Furthermore, a contract was signed with “AIR DYNAMICS SOLUTIONS” to provide Technical Support and Purchase of Spare Parts and Repair of Aircrafts for AED 20 Million.

Majed Ahmed Al Jaberi announced the contracts Tawazun Council has signed with international companies included 5 deals totaling AED 2 billion. They include an AED 1.62 billion contract with Chinese company “CATIC” to procure an Air Show Aircraft and its Accessories, an AED 326 million contract with “THALES LAS FRANCE SAS”, a French company, for the purchase of Detection Radars and an AED 3.5 million contract with U.S. company “IOMAX” to provide Technical Support for Armament Systems and Purchase of Spare Parts, Maintenance and Repair Work for Aircrafts.
A contract was signed with Chinese company “POLY TECHNOLOGIES” at value of 23 Million to provide Technical Support Contract for Aircraft Systems, while the last deal was signed with Greek company “SIELMAN DEFENSE MANUFACTURING & MAINTENANCE” at total value of 3.67 Million to provide Technical support, Repair and Maintenance for the Hawk Air Defense System
Al Jaberi emphasized that the Dubai Airshow is an important strategic event in the aviation sector and its specialized industries, and is poised to bolster efforts in advanced solutions and technologies. The show aims to broaden the scope of exploring opportunities and to identify optimal investment prospects to support the knowledge-based national economy and sustainable development.

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